There was a great turnout for Okeene’s annual 4th of July celebration held at the City Park on Wednesday.

Oklahoma 4-H’ers who took part in the second Design Institute not only had a great time and made new friends, but they also took home a lot of new knowledge and experience that can be helpful with

Senator Darcy Jech visited Kiwanis recently and talked about the end of the legislative session


Agricultural products have been in the cross hairs of retaliation by countries targeted by President Trump’s trade tariffs.

Pork and soybeans have been the favorite target of China.

On the last weekend in April, a combination of eight athletes from Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University were drafted in the 2018 NFL Draft.

What if Paul Revere quit his historic ride only half way into his journey? What if he didn’t ride at all? What if General George Washington decided not to cross the Delaware River?



The Okeene High School basketball team made the short trip to Fairview during the last week of June to participate in their final Summer League of the off-season.

Ethan Kill charges the soft grounder.


Blaine County 4-H members joined 4-Her’s from two other counties for their annual camp June 4-6 near Vici, OK. The Tri-County camp included campers from Blaine, Kingfisher and Garfield Counties.

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