How we rate politicians

In this week’s newspapers Trail Miller owner, Paul Laubach, has written a piece regarding the state of our democracy. It got me thinking about an issue I have been contemplating for some time and that is how we rate our politicians. As a personal matter, I am generally not a fan of politicians. As part of this job you have to be extremely skeptical about anything and everything politicians tell you. 

That isn’t to say there aren’t politicians I like. I have met several over the years that I liked, but like and trust are sometimes two different things. But how do we really rate politicians? Is there a perfect scoring system where we can determine who is doing a good or bad job for citizens? As usual, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes it depends on which political party you are a member of since we all seem to have decided we like to root for “teams.” Perhaps that is why I always have a hard time since I have never been a Republican or a Democrat, preferring instead to remain independent. That generally means I dislike all teams equally. Generally if someone on your team does something, you root for them. In today’s politics that seems to be very common, with both parties bemoaning actions of the other party that if committed by their own team are totally acceptable


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