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Small town’s growth, and why it matters

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Ask a city employee what the most important aspects of running a town are, and among the more common answers you receive might be infrastructure and revenue. Ask a small town employee why the town should care about growth, and the answers will likely include revenue as well.

Proper infrastructure allows for the power, utilities and other foundations required for businesses and residences to function properly as well as providing jobs for those who would maintain, operate, and oversee it:

Sewage, energy, pipelines, and more. If these are not strong, new businesses and potential residents will look to other communities.

Small towns seeking growth does not necessarily mean that they seek to become big cities. Rather, it means they want to offer incentives for people to live, shop and work within their communities. This stimulates the local economy through taxes, utilities, fuel purchases and more. In this way, those residents and workers provide the financial boost that benefits schools, local businesses, and continued growth in such areas as infrastructure.



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