ODOT details Blaine County construction projects for 2020

ODOT details Blaine County construction projects for 2020

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) released its eight-year construction work plan this fall, detailing upcoming projects in Blaine County.

Throughout the construction work plan, Blaine County will see about four projects in total in 2020 and 2025.

ODOT said the plan contains critically needed transportation improvement projects for interstates, highways and bridges.

“Oklahoma’s road and bridge network serves as the backbone of the state’s economy, moving people to work and goods to market. A healthy transportation system is essential to forge a strong economy and improve quality of life,” the construction work plan reads.

The initial eight-year plan was developed in 2002 and approved in 2003 as Oklahoma continues to strive to be a top state in infrastructure.

With this plan, officials hope to address twolane highways with deficient shoulders, improve pavement conditions and reduce structurally deficient bridges. According to ODOT, the number of two-lane highways with deficient shoulders will be reduced by 780 miles and about 3,100 miles of pavement will be improved.

The plan is also expected to improve almost 400 bridges that are currently at risk and almost 700 bridges are addressed in the plan. The eight-year plan will cost about $6.5 billion in federal, state and local transportation funding.

In 2020, Blaine County roads will see updates as crews plan to widen and resurface State Highway 3. Construction will begin five miles east of the US-270 JCT in Watonga and extend about six miles east to the Kingfisher county line.

Other 2020 projects include updates to bridges and approaches at SH-8 over Salt Creek approximately seven miles south of SH-51 and at SH-58 over Minnehaha Creek south of SH-51.

Blaine County will see more updates to US-270 in 2025 as crews focus on grading, drainage and surfacing roads as well as constructing four lanes and rehabbing existing lanes.

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