Utility rate increase brings town more money

The town’s financial consultant said February’s cash flow was good. This was the first month of the utility rate increase. $187,000 dollars was used for sewer improvements and the account for that is almost drained, $1,857 dollars was spent on street repairs, and sales tax revenue is low. The consultant said sales tax revenue will likely continue decrease because of COVID-19.

The board decided to move $25,000 dollars to the Okeene Public Library. The Okeene library hosted Senior Citizens this month, and preschool crafttime. The library has dropped several people from memberships due to unpaid late fees and tmreturned books.

OPWA said we now have blue flags along Broadway for the new sidewalk project. The city spent time cleaning out coverts to help with the drainage, and the sewer repair was finished on the North end of town.

OHPG announced on April 18, 2020 they will be doing a clean-up at the golf course and would like as many volunteers as possible. The German Fest will have a 5K this year, and they will be using the golf course for that. Also announced, the Okeene Prom will be held at the corner this year.

The Okeene Municipal Hospital board has officially approved a partnership with St. Anthony’s and Shelly Dunham is the advocate for Okeene. Dunham said she has a conference call “ECHO” meeting monthly to discuss new items of business with St. Anthony’s and its affiliates. The hospital also held a site interview with a new physician from OU that obtained his residency through St. Anthony’s.

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